UM now boasts the world's only hurricane simulator able to generate Category 5 hurricane-force winds along with swells and sea spray—simulated storm conditions that will help researchers solve some of the mysteries of storms and in the long term save lives.
The new BioNIUM nanofabrication facility gives researchers the latest technology to make major advances in the fast-growing field of biomedical nanotechnology.
Whether on our picturesque Coral Gables campus, in the pioneering laboratories at our medical school, or at our world-class marine and atmospheric science hub on Biscayne Bay, our diverse community of scholars and students is bettering the world in every discipline, from architecture to marine zoology. With 11 colleges and schools, dozens of centers and institutes, and more than $309 million in sponsored research, the U is a research powerhouse.
Centers and Institutes

Representing some of our finest interdisciplinary collaborations and most effective community resources, our extensive array of research centers and institutes reflect our broad interests and expertise and our commitment to raising awareness, finding solutions, and creating connections through hands-on learning, scholarly research, and community outreach and education.


The Office of Research facilitates the community’s scholarly activity, scientific discovery, and the responsible conduct of research by providing an integrated network of support and educational opportunities, including specialized facilities, assistance , and administrative oversight of all regulatory aspects of research operations.

Research Administration

The provides the research community with professional, customer-oriented assistance and support in finding funding, preparing proposals, managing awards, and exceeding the expectations of extramural sponsors for the appropriate and productive use of their support.